WAMALUG: Event: July 29, 2000: BrikWars Gaming Day

Jason and the doomed platform.

Jason reported on the carnage in the 6070th message to the mailing list:

Anyway, if I didn’t get to tell everyone, I (I can only speak for myself) had a great time at BrikWars Saturday. The entire platform I built lay in ruin and was sorted back into the collection last night.

Highlights of the battle included:

  • Rich taking down a bit of everyone, including two of his own landing craft, when he took down the first tower.
  • Jeff’s Champion (name unknown) wreaking havoc all over the place, and taking out an entire squad of Rich’s troops solo.
  • Rich entangling my helicopter with a grappling cable, with action movie results.
  • My troops pushing an AA gun off the roof of a tower onto Rich’s last boat.
  • Jeff taking out the second tower, dooming and stranding many of my troops.
  • My aircraft carrier running like a scared little girl from Jeff’s Champion.
  • The last tower falling on Jeff’s Champion, FINALLY killing her.

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