WAMALUG: Event: June 9-11, 2000: BrickFest 2000

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
Rooms 103, 104, and 106
Arlington, Virginia
Detail of the shirt front.

Stephen made the final announcement of the event on lugnet.org.us.wamalug but was short on details about just about everything (including the actual location):

...This is the final across the boards announcement about the upcoming BrickFest!!! This is it! Its on this week!!! The first annual BrickFest is coming up in Washington DC on June 9th -11th! Don't miss out!

...We are in the process of posting the draft schedule, finalizing who's going to be there, getting the shirts in, and working out details of everything.

Kevin had a floor map showing the rooms in use (which was probably designed by Stephen in CorelDraw) and images of the design on the t-shirts.

The current home of this event is (was) http://www.brickfest.com/.

Stephen made an effusive post with the subject line of its over!!! to lugnet.org.us.wamalug but was still having trouble with the name of a fellow member (which has been corrected below):

...I cant believe we survived!!!

...The fest was an absolute success! If anyone didn't like it, I sure never heard about it (tho I would love to know so we can fix problems!).

To Everyone Who Made it:

...I hope you had as much fun at the fest as we had setting it up and making it run. I hope everyone who had to drive/fly felt their trip was worth it because we are going to do this next year and I'm sure it will be better than it was this year!

...And thanks to everyone who showed up for participating and not minding the strangely stretchy-bendy schedule and otherwise chaotic weekend! (but curses to the vending company for not refilling the soda machine!!!)

To Everyone Who Helped Make it:

...Thank you. Thank you so much! From the ldraw demo to the pirate game to the castle room to the train room to the animation spectacular, lots of people moved around and made it all work for everyone.

...I'm going to try and thank everyone here, but know I will miss a few (please don't take it personally if I skip you! I'm a bit tired and extremely exhausted!)

Thanks Christina Hitchcock for the castle room. Thanks Thomas Foote and Greg Perry for stop-motion animation. Thanks Frank Filz (not Larry!) for the Pirate game. Thanks Tim Courtney and Bram Lambrecht for ldraw demo and hands on workshop. Thanks Tom Cook for the train room and the DCC demo. Thanks Buffie for being Buffie. Thanks Kevin Loch for setting up the computers and keeping us live on the web. Thanks Rich Shamus for moving back and forth and helping keep things moving. Thanks Timmy aka Mike Shamus for running the registration desk and all the other things you did. Thanks to the NFOLs who supported the FOLs, And a big AARRGGHH!! for the wives who let us drag them into the pirate game! Thanks to the bar we recovered in for giving us booze and letting us play a boisterous game of drinking soccer! and a HUGE THANKS to Denise Jadud for bring the heart of the fest! Thank you for starting the idea and kicking us slackers until we got moving!

...In the next few days or so, lots of pictures and write ups will show up on the net. I hope all you fence-sitters who decided not to come see how fun it was and start making plans for next year (we will make weekend decisions soon (prolly like 3rd weekend in June)).

...you can go back to ignoring me now...

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