WAMALUG: Event: April 15, 2000: BrikWars (and Soccer) Gaming Day

The Atrium
1530 North Key Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia

Jeff made the original announcement of the meeting on lugnet.org.us.wamalug. Most of the meeting was devoted to a campaign of BrikWars—won by Jeff—and games of Soccer.

Model Team 2556 Shell promotional F1 Ferrari and Trains (12V) 7861 Electric Light Kit

Denise, Christina, and an additional guest sort.

BrikWars under way.

Jeff wins!

Kevin and Rich give Soccer a try.

Christina inspects the action on the field.

Stephen reported that WAMALUG had its first BrikWars game on this day and said it was fun—especially when the big mecha pilot got enraged and swore death to his attackers :-) but found the weapons a mess to deal with. We were always trying to remember what the weapons were (2 pieces is impact pistol or gyro pistol?) and then figuring out the to-hits and ranges and damages for assorted different weapons. And we never could remember exactly what major guns were on our mecha… and what ranges things shot at were weird and all over the place… …The net result is we spent valuable play time looking up things :-/ …Eventually, we just treated all pistol things as gyro pistols and all rifle-like things as impact rifles and just about everything had a UR of 3. Stephen continued with a long list of suggestions (in the 4749th message to the mailing list) for streamlining the weapons and hobbling the squads just to keep it all from getting too out of hand.

Jeff gave his own first-person report in the 4975th message to the mailing list:

As a young green reporter, I was itching to do some battle correspondence. Unfortunately, we always get the worst jobs, or so it seems. I had been given the duty of interviewing Field Commander Callantha Durath. The agency felt it was a safe assignment, as she hadn’t been in battle for nearly six months, recovering from a bad loss at an Asteroid Mining Colony. However, just as I was arriving at the Shinryuu Corporation’s Desine Regional Headquarters, located on Atrius, the third planet of Alpha Draconis (better known as the Desine System), I received word that skirmishes had broken out all across the planet. I was somewhat disappointed, as I knew it was unlikely The Forces were unlikely to send her back into battle. To my surprise, I reached her office just after she received the orders to move out. Not knowing what else to do with me, she allowed me to tag along. Inside the transport craft, I learned what the mission was. Apparently, a stray EMP missile had hit a convoy (I never did find out who owned it) of minerals, and we were to get them before anyone else. I could barely contain my excitement as we neared the site of the missile strike. Just as we were aligning to deploy our troops, another transport arrived, bearing the insignia of the Maxwell Roughnecks. I knew very little about this group, but what I had heard didn’t bode well for the Forces. I was given a small flyer and told to stay out of the way. I left the transport, and flew to a small copse scrubby trees on a nearby hill. Equipped with my SR-9 Multi-band Radio and SB-4 Long Distance Binoculars, I got ready to to watch the battle. I watched as the Roughnecks unloaded about twenty troops, and carrying a large crate between them, a Standard Nodatchi and what appeared to be a refitted Industrial Exosuit. They opened the crate to reveal, to my horror, a portable cannon. I had only seen fifteen troops on the Shinryuu transport, and I figured they were doomed. I quickly panned over to see if the Forces had brought anything I had missed. There, standing amidst the milling soldiers, was the most amazing machine I had ever seen. I quickly checked it against my mecha database, only to find it was the prototype Kodotai! This mission must be important for such a machine to be fielded, I thought to myself. I still wasn’t sure it would be enough to defeat the Roughnecks, though. I shifted my view back to the mercenaries, only to see them begin to advance on the Forces position. Commander Durath quickly deployed her soldiers along three vectors. One squad began heading around the left flank, another headed around the right flank, with the Kodotai and Commander Durath’s squad going straight up the middle. The truck with the medic and engineers stayed back, ready in case there was any need for them. I was sure they would be needed, as it was pretty obvious Commander Durath did not know the enemy’s exact position, for the squad on the left flank was heading straight for the bulk of the Roughneck’s forces. Their mistake quickly became apparent as two Forces troopers were gunned down after a short firefight. The Forces concentrated on the Exosuit as they began pulling back, hoping to take out the greatest threat. They succeeded in blasting the hip joint to less than scrap, and I heard, over the enemy’s radio frequency, the pilot scream for a drink. Suddenly, I noticed the Roughneck’s Cannon being moved into position along the right flank. The Forces squad couldn’t see them due to a disabled truck, but the Kodotai was tall enough and saw the threat. It turned and made its way towards the deadly ballistic weapon. From out of nowhere, the Nodatchi Battle Armor unleashed a salvo of weapons fire against the massive Kodotai, severely damaging the left leg. Undaunted, the limping machine, still walking in the direction of the cannon, turned to bring its weapons to bear on the Nodatchi. Before it could fire a single shot, though, weapons fire from the hidden right flank Forces squad launched it backwards into the air. The heavily damaged Nodatchi landed very close to an enemy squad, and detonated in a the largest explosion I had ever seen. Not that I’d seen many, mind you. running for cover did little to help the enemy troopers, however, and many were annihilated before they knew what hit them. The Kodotai then returned its attention to the cannon, and reduced it to ash and dust in a frightful display of force. Back at the left flank, the Forces troopers were in dire straits, pulling back as quickly as they could. A lucky enemy shot felled the squad leader, and the medic drove his truck into the action in order to help the man. However, the Roughnecks seemed to think the truck made a lovely target, and focused their fire upon the it. The resulting explosion eliminated the medic, both engineers, and the wounded squad leader. I saw the Commander’s heavily armed squad begin to head in that direction, albeit somewhat slowly. Rallying around a prone tanker, the remaining Roughnecks quickly eliminated most of the remaining Shinryuu soldiers, before focusing all their weapons upon the limping Kodotai. They were unable to seriously damage the giant machine, much to my relief. Suddenly, the Pilot’s voice crackled over the radio, crying out that they would all lie dead at his feet if it was the last thing he ever did! I had never heard such rage before! The Kodotai trained its weapons upon the tanker, and let loose with everything it had. The explosion turned the Roughneck troopers to ash in a huge fireball, the likes of which I very much hope to never see again. I surveyed the field, and found the drunk Exosuit pilot and a few more troopers in a firefight against the Commander’s squad, which had taken cover behind the burnt out hulk of the medic’s truck. Just as the Kodotai arrived, all but one of the remaining Roughneck Soldiers was gunned down. Up until now, the Kodotai had been unable to use its beam sabre, and the pilot decided to remedy that, on the last of the Roughneck soldiers. After executing a surprise thrust to the enemy trooper, Kodotai hoisted the lifeless husk far up in the air, and stood there for a moment, in a glorious victory pose. I rushed back to the Commander, to hear what she had to say about the somewhat Pyrrhic victory. She told me that no matter the losses, this battle was an overall success. Not only had they managed to secure most of the mineral shipment, the first field test of the Kodotai Mechanized Battle Armor was a complete success. Two transports arrived shortly, and we boarded one while the other unloaded worker exosuits to load up the convoy. The flight back was quiet, as the remaining soldiers, including the commander, were sent to the transport’s sickbay. Since I hadn’t been close to the battle, I was left to write up this article. After we got back to the Shinryuu Headquarters, Commander Durath and I went our separate ways, for she had meetings to attend and I had to send in my article and catch a flight home.

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