WAMALUG: Display: National Toy Train Museum (2002)

The National Toy Train Museum
300 Paradise Lane
Strasburg, Pennsylvania

Michael Frieders of the Train Collectors Association Museum Committee sent as the 8802nd message to the mailing list an invitation to WAMALUG/WamaLTC to prepare an exhibit area for the 2002 season within the National Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, Pennsylvania featuring a display of LEGO® trains.

I hope wamalug and wamaltc will take advantage of this opportunity to show-off the fun and creativity of Lego trains to the more than 70,000 visitors that will tour the Museum this year.

Interest in preparing such a display was developed at the February meeting. Christina took photographs of the preparation which took place later that month. Margaret, Roy, and Marian supplied buildings and trains.

With a visit to the museum prior to its opening late in March, Christina took additional photographs as she and Marian worked to install the display. The theme resolved as LEGO® Trains from the 1960s and 1970s, in keeping with the historical orientation of the museum.

Tom visited the display after the museum opened.

Bram Lambrecht posted a short note about his visit to the display to LUGNET.

We presumed heavily on the goodwill of those who contributed their brick to the display by being irresolute about creating a replacement and leaving the original display in place for the 2003 season. Constantine took the opportunity of the off-season to replace the sign in the display with one made of bricks, to vacuum the interior, and to take photographs from a vantage point inside the exhibit.

The new sign displayed our logos which were chosen subsequent to the original display installation.

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