Non-WAMALUG Activity: October 26, 2002: The Great Pumpkin Giveaway

Potomac Mills Mall
2700 Potomac Mills Circle
Woodbridge, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of this activity at and in the 9674th message to the mailing list.

Helping the Marine Corps Reserve and Toys for Tots.
The Outlet supplied the Build N Buy LEGO® Pumpkins…
…and most of the orange, white, and black brick and plate used for today’s display.
Ghost or Imperial Snow Trooper? You decide.
Manager Dan of the LEGO® Outlet, co-sponsor of the event.
No age limit on supplying assistance in construction.

What a shame we don’t have a tape of the moment. Three youths, you might say, were much taken with the skeleton. It is merely speculation, and pejorative, to describe them as stoner wannabes. Who built this? one wanted to know. Michael pointed out Constantine as the sculptor of the skull—freshly remodeled to include a flapping jaw—and out came the classic quote: Dude, you’re an artist! Eh, it’s a gift. [Christina built the rib cage, Judy built the pelvis and femurs, while Michael built the hands and arms.]

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