Non-WAMALUG Activity: July 19-21, 2002: BrickFest™ 2002

George Mason University
Arlington Original Building
3401 North Fairfax Drive
Fairfax, Virginia

Christina made the original announcement of the event at

One of the logos for 2002 was designed by Jim Green of South Carolina.

The current home of this event is (was) Tom Cook posted a complete list of the Train Room MOC contest winners in a post to

This year BrickFest™, the premier event for Adult Fans of LEGO®, was put on by Brick Events LLC and WAMALUG was just one of several sponsors. A good number of WAMALUG members were on the committee planning the event, others were volunteers behind the registration desk and elsewhere, and still others contributed their creations and energies to the displays and proceedings. It would not be fair to leave out those who, while not members of WAMALUG, nevertheless were on the BrickFest™ Committee and added much to the excitement and satisfaction: John G. Barnes and Todd S. Thuma.

Stephen and the name tags.
Larry Pieniazek and Constantine among those preparing the bags.
Jim Foulds shows off the temple he built, in the Castle room.
Magnus and his expansive castle.
Tom lays track.
Claudia runs the Scree.
Bob does the Scree Run.
John Barnes running the MindStorms™ room hands-on.
Stephen wears the mobile cam.
Brian T. Carpenter looks… ?
Kevin at the computer again, as Denise and Stephen look on.
Tom and Rich Scovitch take a look at a locomotive.
Christina tries to see through the crowd at the Outlet.
Abe rests a moment.
Kevin’s ’bot in the ring.
Suzanne Green and Christina on stage.

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